How to Make a Vacation Planner Project with a Working Receipt

Step One: Gather up pictures... you will need 4 or 5 Resorts or Cruises of your Choice
I used National parks. You can see it below

Step Two: Go to the project tab and click add module

You've created a module? Great! Now you need to declare a few variables as public like i did below. Making
them Public allows you to use them in a different form without declaring them every time.

Step Three: Next, you will need to add in a few buttons for the pay now and then you will need a few radiobuttons and listboxes for your choices exactly like i did

Step Four: Now its time to code! First you will need to code in the cases for your listbox the cases are the
things that Runs one of several groups of statements, depending on the value of an expression.
You will need the price of your destination in here and how many miles it takes to get there and back home so make sure you multiply it by two like i did below.

Step Five: Click on your radiobuttons and be ready to put some code in... your ready? Good. First you need a variable for how much
the rooms cost. and then you set the variable equal to the price. look at mine for an example.

Step Six: Go back to your form and make a few text boxes saying how many people you have,number of days,and whatever else you feel in necessary.

Step Seven: Time to code for the text boxes. First you will need to make a variable for the text boxes. Then you need to set them equal to the name of your text box. For an example, look below.

Step Eight: For this final step of the Form1 you will need 2 buttons. One for closing and one for The pay now which will take you to the receipt.
For the close button you will just need the End command which closes the application when your in it. For the pay now button you will need 2 pieces of code.
the first piece is your going to need two variables. you will need night and day. You need to set nights = to day and minus 1 because it will charge you for the last night if you dont subtract.
you wouldn't want that now would you? The second pice of code is to make a receipt and name it the piece of code to take you to the receipt is whatever you named it .Show()