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We have 4 different parks of Verbecks funland in the USA. The main one which is the home of the fastest roller coaster in the world is located in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. Others are located in Clifornia, Florida, and North Dakota

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Get your tickets here at Verbecks Funland!
$5.00=$10.00 in Tickets
$10.00=$20.00 in Tickets
$15.00=$35.00 in Tickets
$20.00=$45.00 in Tickets
$50.00=$115.00 in Tickets

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Handstamps and Party Prices

Handstamps for kids 48' or under: $32.99
Handstamps for people 49' and above: $47.99
Birthday Party Prices: 20 people- $300.00
Family, Friends, Fun Package: (three pizzas) meal ticket at food court, and handstamps for everyone. (up to 30 people) $500.00

Height Requirements

The height requirements for all roller coasters are Skittles and above.

To be in the kiddie land and ride the rides there you must be a Sour Patch Kid or smaller.

Don't worry you Starburst Mini kids, we havent forgot about you. You have a pretty good variety of rides to go on and can ride anything in the park except for most coasters and kiddie land rides.

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The History of Verbecks Funland

Verbecks Funland has been a fun adventure for kids and a tourist attraction for many other people. Our grand opening was in Bloomsburg Pennsylvania on June, 27th 1934. It was founded by the original Norman Leroy Verbeck. Today it is run by his great grandson, Norman Leroy Verbeck IV. Since then, more rides have opened up and they are now the number one amusement park in the world. The first ride to open there was the ferris wheel. But its not just any ferris wheel. It's the ride that has built this amusement park into something great. That ferris wheel is still standing today. You can go visit it in the home of Verbecks funland which is Bloomsburg Pennsylvania

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Perfect Place for a Birthday Party

If its your birthday here at Verbecks Funland, you can have the time to hangout with Holidog, Safari Sam, and Baldy the Eagle. Not only that but you will also receive free handstamps for you and your family.

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