How to make a vacation planner in visual basic

Step 1

The first step is to open a new visual basic program in MS visual studio, and select windows form application.

Step 2

Then you'll see a blank template which is where you will put the items such as labels,textboxes, picture boxes, etc.

Step 3

You'll want to start adding items and maybe changing the backgroung image or color. The items you will need to add will depend on what you want to know the cost of, I made mine a vacation planner for national parks. Eventually it might look a little like this, and keep in mind the close button is optional.

Step 4

Once you have everything setup then you will start the code. First you'll need to go to project and add a module so that you can use all of your variables in both forms, by putting all of your variables in a module and making them public, you can use them in every form for this project.

Step 5

Now you're going to start on the coding for the first form, you'll want to start by double clicking the calculate then you'll insert the code to get the values for each of your variables. This can be done by several different means such as making the contents of a box that holds text become the value of the label, you could write a series of IF statements for things like radio buttons and combo boxes, or you could use the selected index function, which allows you to go through the options in the list box

Step 6

For the next step you will create a new form by going to the project menu and selecting "add windows form." This is where you will display the results of all of the input from the first form. Then go back to the calculate button and you will tell it to open the second form by inserting the the following at the bottom of the button.

Step 7

Next you will go to the design for your second form and add afew labels to show the output. The text property of the labels circled in blue are currently not important as they are the labels that will be changed, and the other labels are titles to identify what each of the output labels represent.

Step 8

The lines circled in blue are for the close button (optional), and the lines circled in red are how you tell the labels to change to the value of the variables. The names of these labels will be label1, label2, label3, etc. by default however you can change them in the properyies menu.

Step 8

Finally, all you have to do is run the program and fill it in with th desired input. and enjoy!