Take My Test On Computers

1. When using Windows, you can open the ___________ Manager to see a list of processes that are being executed by the processor?
A. Windows
B. Program
C. Explorer
D. Task

2. The three main operating systems running most personal computers today are ___________, MAC OS, and Linux?
A. FileZilla
B. Windows
C. Office
D. Internet Explorer

3. Software can be divided into two major categories: system software and ___________ software?
A. Web app
B. Application
C. Utility
D. Security

4. You should use ___________ software for numerical calculations, such as tracking income and expenses?
A. Spreadsheet
B. Database
C. Document production
D. Utility

5. A ___________ is a utility software that helps a peripheral device communicate with a computer?
A. Operating system
B. Desktop gadget
C. Connector
D. Device driver

6. To run more than one program at a time, the ___________ must allocate specific areas of memory?
B. Operating system
C. Device driver

7. When ___________ software is used, program files do not exist on the hard drive and no configuration data is stored on the hard drive?
A. Demoware
B. Database
C. Portable
D. Freeware

8. ___________ is distributed under the terms of a General Public License(GPL), which allows everyone to make copies for his or her own use, to give it to others, or to sell it?
A. Linux
B. Windows
C. Mac OS
D. Office

9. A software ___________ is a collection of application software sold as a single sold as a single package?
A. Operating system
C. Suite
D. Productivity Program

10. You can use ___________ software to help organize information, such as library books and contacts?
A. Database
B. Spreadsheet
C. Document prodution
D. Finance and accounting