Chapter 4 Quiz

1. What is the most common form factor today?

a. FlexATX b. MicroATX
c. ATX d. BTX

2. What is a measure of the potential difference?

a. Alternating Current b. Electrical Voltage
c. Electrical Current d. Direct Current

3. What type of UPS switches from one circuit to another when a blackout occurs?

a. Inline b. Temporary
c. Standby d. Backup

4. What is the most popular case type we use today?

a. Mid-Tower b. Slimline
c. Minitower d. Full-Size Tower

5. What type of UPS provides continuous power?

a. Backup b. Standby
c. Temporary d. Inline

6. Which of the following is NOT used to make electrical components?

a. Semiconductors b. UPS
c. Conductors d. Insulators

7. A set of specifications for the size and configuration of hardware components

8. Electrical _______ is measured in ohms

9. Protectors a computer against damaging spikes in electrical voltage

10. Electrical _______ is measured in amps

11. Gate or switch for an electrical signal

12. Line conditioners level the AC to reduce ________ and spikes

Word Bank

A. Brownouts B. Current C .Resistance
D. Transistor E. Form Factor F. Surge Supressor