How to make a Youtuber database On Visual Basic

What Does it do

This Project is going to show you how to make a database with visual basic. How we are gonna work with arraysand If statements.what you beable to do with this is Add info,Browse Info, and Search for info.

The first form

First of all when you start you want to make a form like this one with Four buttons.Then you want to code to open 3 more forms.And that is it for this form.

The Module

You also need to make a module.the yellow highlight is the info variable.The variable are going be storing data and then moving that data to a text file in the code for The second form.

The second form

Now this is the real part of this program. you will need a form with 7 boxs to input info,(boxs like textbox ,combobox ,listbox ,exe.) Now for the second form code.In the Red Bracket is all the code for the save button.In the red bracket You need ever thing, Aqua bracket is for the text file,black bracket is for filling the variables,and the Purple bracket is puting evrthing in to the text file.The Pink bracket is the browse button for pics

The Third form

This is the browse form.This is where you can see all the info.You will need the purple bracket for the listbox to open the text file and show names. And then you use the Pink bracket to make the pic show up.

The Last form

This is the Search form.This form I used two comboboxes,one listbox,and a picturebox.When everything is in place,then go to the code.The pink bracket is for each item you are going to search by. then the blue Bracket is for having picture to show up.