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__________________________YOUR COMPUTER

________________________________Congratulations! Your new computer has finally arrived.
__________________________________The new computer you have been eagerly awaiting has been installed.

______________________________________Software is loaded, and you are ready to start creating documents, worksheets, presentations, and databases.

__________________________You are ready to access the Internet and the many services available.

______________________________________Today’s computers and software allow us to do many of our
____________________________________tasks efficiently and more easily than in the past. Computers, however, can
__________________________cause many problems if we do not get into the preventive maintenance habit.

______________________________________We cannot foresee and prevent all the disasters that may be caused by computer breakdowns, but there are precautions you can
__________________________take to make a computer failure less damaging to you and your files, including the following:


• Prepare for Power Surges

• Keep Your Computer Clean

• Avoid Static Electricity

• Back Up Files Regularly

• Maintain Security