Chapter 4 Vocab Quiz, Part 2


1- What causes power surges?
A) Data in cables crossing EM fields get corrupted
B) Magnetic fields
C) Storms, uneven AC flow
D) Too many devices plugged in at once

2- What do surge protectors do?
A) Absorbs surges
B) Both A and C
C) Blocks surges
D) Allows for more devices to be plugged in

3- What are power conditions measured in?
A) Bits
B) Joules
C) V
D) Watts, VA, kVA

4- Which of the following is NOT a recommended feature of a surge protector?
A) Light indicating it's working
B) Protection against high spikes
C) Greater than 600 joules
D) Data line protector for telephone or ethernet line to modem

5- UPS stands for....
A) Uninterruptible power supply
B) United Protection Services
C) It's a service that delivers packages
D) United Picture Scene

6- Which of the following would be an essential tool for a PC technician to have?
A) Goggles
B) Jacket
C) Shoes
D) Insulated Tweezers

7- This helps to discover, report computer errors and conflicts at POST
A) Underwriters Laboratory
B) OS recovery CD
C) Post Diagnostic Cards

8- A power supply tester...
A) Makes sure power supply has the proper amount of voltage needed
B) Measures output of each power supply connector
C) Measures functionality of power supply
C) Test your computer's speed

9- Measure several characteristics of electricity in a variety of devices
B) Mr. Greco
C) Multimeter
D) Nick Campbell

10- True or False: You can detect EMI using tuned-down AM radio
A) False
B) True